One Book at a Time



Sponsor a Child with One Book a Month and Feed a Hungry Mind

Books & Books is thrilled to support Family-to-Family, a national hunger and poverty relief organization.  In some households, buying your child a book is next to impossible.  Family to Family tries to feed the "hungry minds" of children in need… one book at a time.

It works like this: Family-to-Family will match you to a child living in poverty in one of the many communities they serve. You’ll get the child’s name, age, and reading level, then you’ll send your assigned child one new book, along with a letter, each month. 

We ask that you commit to the program for one year, sending a total of 12 books and 12 personal messages (the child may even write back).  You might think about asking your own children to help pick out each month’s book – something they have read and loved.  If you’d like to send books each month for several children in one family, or if there is a particular age you would like to help, Family-to-Family will try to accommodate.

After you've signed up with Family-to-Family's One Book At A Time program, choose your "One Book" child's reading level below.  The link will bring you to a list of suggested books we're sure your child will love.You can order your “One Book” child’s book each month, order a dozen all at once to be shipped automatically throughout the year, or email for help.

We hope you'll join us and support Family-to-Family's One Book At A Time program.  Together, we can feed a child's hungry mind.

Join Family-to-Family's efforts by emailing with your name and address.