Limited Editions - Autographed

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Each edition is signed by the artist and wrapped in a silk scarf reproduction of Ai Weiwei’s work Straight, a reference to the Sichuan earthquake of 2008. This comprehensive book was made in close collaboration with Ai Weiwei and features paper cut chapter openers designed by the artist, numerous previously unseen images from his archive, as well as statements on his work from exclusive interviews.

Collector’s Edition (No. 101–1,100), each signed by Ai Weiwei and wrapped in a silk scarf

Ai Weiwei, Hans Werner Holzwarth

Hardcover, clothbound, wrapped in a silk scarf, 13 x 17.3 in., 22.82 lb, 724 pages

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Celebrate the “photographer’s photographer,” Albert Watson, one of the most in-demand and versatile portrait, fine art, and fashion photographers. This Collector’s Edition showcases Watson’s textured, graphic, often cinematic style that shines across genres, time periods, and subjects including Steve Jobs, Keith Richards, David Bowie, Jack Nicholson, and Uma Thurman.

Collector’s Edition (No. 201–1,200), each numbered and signed by Albert Watson

Philippe Garner, Reuel Golden

Hardcover with faux chimpanzee fur fitting, in clamshell box, 14.6 x 19.7 in., 408 pages

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As vibrant as her unique visual language, this monograph presents the work of Beatriz Milhazes, the Brazilian painter who fuses modernist abstraction with the colors and light of her native country. With over 280 paintings, an in-depth essay on her work, a long conversation piece, a poetic dictionary of key motifs, and a year-by-year biography, the book explores all of the artist’s phases in their full splendor and meaning.

Collector’s Edition (No. 101–1,100), each numbered and signed by Beatriz Milhazes

Hans Werner Holzwarth

Hardcover in clamshell box, 13 x 17.3 in., 24.33 lb, 480 pages

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Copy #118 / 600

Ta-Roc 43 / 150

Never opened.

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This SUMO-sized retrospective celebrates one of the world’s most influential photographers and the culmination of two years researching his archives. Gathering portraits from the 1950s to the 2010s, we discover some 300 subjects as varied as Nelson Mandela, the Beatles, the Queen, Salvador Dalí, Bill Gates, and Yves Saint Laurent, all printed big and bold, in Bailey’s signature style.

Collector’s Edition (No. 301–3,000), each numbered and signed by David Bailey, with a bookstand designed by Marc Newson. Each edition comes with a set of four book jackets featuring John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Jean Shrimpton, Mick Jagger, and Andy Warhol.

Also available in four Art Editions with signed prints.

David Bailey, Francis Hodgson, Benedikt Taschen, Marc Newson

Hardcover, numbered and signed by David Bailey, 19.7 x 27.6 in., 47 kg (103.4 lb), 440 pages, with bookstand and four book jackets

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The first Olga book sold out in record time—don’t miss your chance to take the heiress home now! Set in a glorious French château, this new collaboration with Ellen von Unwerth is a photo story brimming with luxury, glamour, and lust. As Olga the sexually candid heroine seeks out unexpected lovers, The Story of Olga is a transgressive, irresistible fantasy like you’ve never seen before.

Limited Collector’s Edition of 1,000 copies, numbered and signed by Ellen von Unwerth

Hardcover in clamshell box, 13 x 17.2 in., 19.30 lb, 350 pages

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A production unparalleled in scale, this massive tome offers unrestricted access to hundreds of photographs from the Ferrari Archives and from private collectors, to reveal the full story behind Ferrari’s protagonists, victories, past, and future. Edited by journalist Pino Allievi and enclosed in an aluminum display case designed by Marc Newson, this unique work features a complete appendix gathering all of Ferrari’s victories since 1947.

Collector’s Edition (No. 251–1,947), each numbered and signed by Piero Ferrari

Pino Allievi

Leather cover, 12.7 x 17 in., 38 kg (83.6 lb), 514 pages; in an aluminum engine-inspired case designed by Marc Newson

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Following her best-selling TASCHEN monograph, Linda McCartney’s Polaroid Diaries brings together highlights from her vast archive in a limited Collector’s Edition. Taken from the early 1970s until the mid-1990s, the portraits, still lifes, landscapes and interior compositions affirm her bold eye for pattern, color, and an elegant use of light. Through these candid instant pictures, we discover an intimate testimony to McCartney as an experimental artist and photographer.

Collector’s Edition (No. 125–500), each signed by Paul McCartney

Linda McCartney, Ekow Eshun, Reuel Golden

Hardcover in 100% recycled acrylic glass slipcase, 236 pages; signed by Paul McCartney

An intimate visual survey of the unparalleled Patti Smith by Lynn Goldsmith, whose lens has immortalized a golden era of rock ’n’ roll history. With hundreds of unseen photographs and exclusive texts by Smith, this signed edition documents a transformative moment in the artist’s career and celebrates two greats whose creative partnership continues to this day.

Collector’s Edition (No. 201–1,500), each numbered and signed by Patti Smith and Lynn Goldsmith

Lynn Goldsmith

Hardcover in clamshell box, 10.6 x 14.7 in., 14.11 lb, 296 pages

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From chairs and restaurants to planes and spaceships: the sky is no longer the limit for Australian designer Marc Newson. This Collector’s Edition is the complete encyclopedia to his superstar career, featuring chronological entries organized by the varied categories of his oeuvre as well as detailed case studies of such landmark projects as the Qantas Airbus A380, Ikepod watches, and Aquariva boat.

Limited Collector’s Edition of 1,000 copies, each numbered and signed by Marc Newson

Alison Castle

Hardcover in slipcase, 13 x 17.3 in., 21.54 lb, 610 pages

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Mario Testino selects his finest male portraiture from the past thirty years. As costume, gender play, photojournalism, tradition, and fashion collide, this Eden of male allure is testimony both to Testino’s unfailing eye for immediacy and elegance, and to the evolution of male self-expression.

Collector’s Edition of 1,000 numbered copies, each signed by Mario Testino, bound in Japanese cloth and delivered in a metal slipcase

Mario Testino, Patrick Kinmonth, Pierre Borhan

Hardcover, Swiss binding, Japanese cloth, in metallic slipcase, 12.7 x 16.4 in., 20.66 lb, 468 pages

This book takes readers to the heart of Bowie’s inner circle and boundary-breaking superstardom during the groundbreaking Ziggy Stardust world tour. Showcasing the work of Mick Rock, Bowie’s official photographer between 1972–1973, spectacular stage shots and intimate inner circle portraits celebrate Bowie’s musical, theatrical, and sexual revolution and the eternal inspiration of a fearless, outstanding artist.

Collector’s Edition (No. 201–1,972), signed by David Bowie and Mick Rock

Mick Rock, Barney Hoskyns, Michael Bracewell

Hardcover with three fold-outs, lenticular cover, in clamshell box, 12.4 x 17.3 in., 17.16 lb, 310 pages

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Signed by the supermodel herself, this two-volume edition celebrates the remarkable career of the one and only Miss Campbell, as styled and shot by the legends of photography and fashion. With a multiple artwork by Allen Jones and Naomi’s own autobiographical text, this is an at once intimate and breathtaking encounter with a beauty icon.

Collector’s Edition (No. 201–1,200), each signed by Naomi Campbell and presented in a multiple artwork by British pop art luminary Allen Jones

Allen Jones, Josh Baker

Hardcover with 4 fold-outs, signed by Naomi Campbell, 496 pages, 13 x 18.2 in., plus companion volume, 368 pages, within a multiple artwork by Allen Jones

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Produced in collaboration with the band, this SUMO-sized book charts the Stones’ remarkable history and outrageously cool lifestyle. With one-of-a-kind archival access, it features over 500 pages of incredible images, illustrations, and a foreword written by President Bill Clinton.

Collector’s Edition (No. 451–1,600), each numbered and signed by the band members of the Rolling Stones

Reuel Golden

SUMO size hardcover in clamshell box, 20 x 20 in., with 3 fold-outs and silkscreen printed chapter openers, 518 pages

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World Heritage landmark, this SUMO-sized publication presents the most precious surviving murals of Tibetan Buddhist culture. For the first time, these astonishing and intricate masterpieces can be appreciated in blazing color and life-size resolution. Signed by his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, the book is a revelation for scholars, aficionados of Tibet as well as for practitioners of Buddhism, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

Collector’s Edition (No. 81–998), each signed by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and with a Shigeru Ban bookstand

Thomas Laird, Robert Thurman, Heather Stoddard, Jakob Winkler, Shigeru Ban

Hardcover volume signed by the Dalai Lama, 19.7 x 27.6 in., 60 kg (132 lb), 498 pages, 6 fold-outs, with a modular bookstand designed by Shigeru Ban, plus an illustrated 528-page scholarly companion book

Hop on board Ken Kesey’s bus and join the Merry Pranksters in their hallucinogenic ride through America. In this signed Collector’s Edition, Tom Wolfe’s generation-defining text is published in letterpress alongside ephemera from the period and pictures from American photojournalists Lawrence Schiller and Ted Streshinsky.

Collector’s Edition (No. 201–1,968), each numbered and signed by Tom Wolfe

Tom Wolfe, Lawrence Schiller, Ted Streshinsky

Hardcover in a slipcase, letterpress-printed text, two different paper stocks, and tip-ins, 9.4 x 13.4 in., 6.57 lb, 356 pages