Outdoor Adventures, Sacred Trails (Paperback)

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In the world he writes about, Tim hitches his bike to a star. It doesn't matter whether his poem is about a hard ride or a solid ride, a great relationship or one that never works out, a strong upbeat spiritual connection or one that's a drawn-out struggle, Tim hangs with that star and delivers poems that refresh, invigorate, inspire, and put good things in the heart.

It's impossible to go on a ride with Tim and not come away with more - more hope, stronger spirits, a better sense of humor, and a renewed connectivity with nature, God, and your soul. His writing is clear. It's easy to ride with. It's rich with creation. And it definitely hums with the music of the road.

This book is, in a word, awesome. It's like having a great meal with terrific sides and a solid drink. You can have as much as you like of Tim's poetry at a sitting, and that will satisfy, or you can stay with his words a whole lot longer, and that will satisfy even more.

The poems shine. Spend some time here and come away not only entertained, but with a new perspective on the way things are as well as the way things ought to be. Five stars.

Murray Pura is an award-winning author. His books include A Gathering of Suns, Earth, The Sunflower Season, Zo, and Majestic and Wild.

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ISBN: 9798985276022
Publisher: Millerwords, LLC
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2022
Pages: 98
Language: English