More Old Testament Sinners and Saints: Discover 100 Little-Known but Intriguing Bible Characters (Paperback)

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More Old Testament Sinners and Saints: Discover 100 Little-Known but Intriguing Bible Characters By Peter DeHaan Cover Image
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Discover the timeless relevance of Old Testament characters in your life today with MORE OLD TESTAMENT SINNERS AND SAINTS. This devotional Bible study explores the captivating stories of 100 more men and women from the Old Testament, revealing the profound lessons they hold for us today.

Delve into the lives of both inspiring heroes and broken individuals who faced mistakes and disappointments. Through these colorful and awe-inspiring stories, gain invaluable insights about yourself and our powerful God. From sinners to saints, these characters, with their familiar and unfamiliar names, will challenge you to live differently and offer you a fresh perspective on your own life and faith.


  1. Transform your life through the wisdom of these Old Testament characters.
  2. Learn from the triumphs and mistakes of these impactful figures.
  3. Explore familiar Biblical stories from a new angle.

Navigate this study alongside Peter DeHaan, a seasoned Bible teacher and author, as you uncover the hope, assurance, and abundant lessons found in the lives of these men and women. Whether you're studying individually, in small groups, or part of a Bible study, this invaluable resource will enhance your understanding of the Old Testament and its application to your life today.

Each day's study offers a concise reading, thought-provoking questions, and additional Bible passages for further exploration. As you move through the pages, you'll realize how these 100 captivating characters can reshape your perspective, deepen your faith, and help you trust in God's plan no matter what lies ahead.

MORE OLD TESTAMENT SINNERS AND SAINTS will not only take you on a journey through their impactful stories, but it will also invigorate your faith and draw you closer to Jesus.

Don't miss out on the transformative power of these rich, amazing stories.

Pick up a copy of MORE OLD TESTAMENT SINNERS AND SAINTS today and embark on a life-changing journey through the lives of these powerful men and women.

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