Adam, Eve & the Jungle Station (Paperback)

Adam, Eve & the Jungle Station By Sahir M Cover Image
By Sahir M
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Adam gets a new lease of life when he leaves Calcutta to study in Koraput: a sleepy town nestled in the lofty Eastern Ghat Hills. For fun, he visits the town's overlooked railway station daily with his friends. Lying in the outskirts, the unnoticed station doesn't attract the towns' gentry because there is no train service other than a Jungle Express that threads through some of the least known hamlets, tucked into the wild mountainside- to where there is no road leading.

The station lying next to his town beckons the adventurer in Adam but without a road he can't go there. Going by train means passing the night in unaccustomed wood as the return train is only next day. While he contemplates going to the bizarre station but without road access he is helpless; suddenly one day a Spectre rises from above the hill shoulder of the same station; it haunts his townsmen with its daily routine post sunset. The phenomenon causes a flutter among his people making them worship it out of fear and soon his lesser-known town turns into a Pilgrimage Center that turns into a Hill Station too; but the maverick in him doesn't rate it worthy of worship; he challenges it by going there to unearth its secret at last.

And when he lands there, apart from uncovering the truth, he comes across a treasure most bizarre that destiny seems to have planted there for him to come and take.

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ISBN: 9798888059197
Publisher: Notion Press
Publication Date: September 9th, 2022
Pages: 180
Language: English