When Colonialism Wins: The Case Against American Statehood for Puerto Rico (Paperback)

When Colonialism Wins: The Case Against American Statehood for Puerto Rico By Jose Torres Pabon Cover Image
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A Bold Decolonial Argument and Interrogation of Puerto Rico's Future Within the American Nation

When Colonialism Wins, The Case Against American Statehood for Puerto Rico, by former U.S. Marine, DIA, and CIA officer Torres Pabon, seamlessly blends military expertise with insights from psychology, economics, and intelligence operations to decisively assert that Puerto Rico's current state of affairs is incompatible within the construct of the United States of America.

In this thought-provoking book, Torres Pabon invokes the works of prominent scholars such as Anibal Quijano, Jack Brehm, and Robert Lupton to analyze 500 years of Spanish and U.S. colonialism on Puerto Rico. He highlights the island's ongoing societal collapse and dependency mindset challenging Puerto Rico's future and cultural preservation.

Drawing on his experiences-from Marine Corps recruit training to operational assignments in Lebanon, Israel, Afghanistan, and Colombia-Torres Pabon weaves a compelling and touching narrative that resonates deeply with readers as he explores his own coloniality. His moving personal accounts embody allegories in Puerto Rico's struggle for self-determination.

Including a preface by Dr. Migna L. Rivera Garc a, past president of the Puerto Rico Psychological Association, this book underlines the need for Puerto Ricans to exercise personal agency to control their political destiny.

More than just a geopolitical analysis, "When Colonialism Wins" is a call to action-a roadmap towards Puerto Rico's decolonization and a powerful discourse on identity and freedom. With all net proceeds dedicated to supporting vulnerable communities in Puerto Rico, this impactful work transcends boundaries, inspiring readers.

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ISBN: 9798822940109
Publisher: Palmetto Publishing
Publication Date: March 18th, 2024
Pages: 400
Language: English