Beyond Organic: A Guide to Food & Plants As Medicine (Paperback)

Beyond Organic: A Guide to Food & Plants As Medicine Cover Image
By Lord
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In today's health crisis, many people around the world are turning to natural medicine to stay healthy. In this guide, Dr. Lord, a board-certified doctor of naturopathy, guides readers on what they should be eating to restore bodies and minds to optimum health.Dr. Lord passes on the art of self-healing through the use of plant and herbal medicine, lifestyle changes, herbal remedies, juice formulas, getting the right minerals and vitamins, oxygen therapy, detoxification therapy and hydrotherapy.If you or a loved one are on a journey to find lasting health through preventative medicine, this guide book will give you the necessary information to start the quest for good health. Money cannot buy good health, rich people around the world die each year of cancer, diabetes and other diseases that can be prevented through changing diet and lifestyle habits.Many of the world's medicine is derived from plants. Knowledge of plant medicine has been lost throughout the generations as many pursued conventional medicine and have forgotten which herbs and plants have medicinal uses. Since the beginning of time, native people have used plants for healing and for preventative measures.People from Africa, India, China, the Philippine's, the Caribbean, Germany, South America and right here in North America have gathered herbs, plants, berries, barks and roots that all are known for their medicinal properties. Neither this book or the author, Dr. Lord is attempting to diagnose to treat any medical condition. It is simply a guide to complementary or alternative medicine.Please consult with a medical doctor before using herbal medicines because they can interact with conventional medicine. Also, don't use herbs without the guidance of a master herbalist or naturopathic doctor.

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ISBN: 9798715026262
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 5th, 2021
Pages: 136
Language: English