Raising Chickens Guide for Beginners: The Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Healthy Chickens (Paperback)

Raising Chickens Guide for Beginners: The Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Healthy Chickens By Aurora Dorween Cover Image
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Chickens are amazing creatures that provide humans with one of the most fundamental needs- food (meat and eggs). Therefore, raising them for the essential needs of the family or commercial purposes can be quite beneficial.
Comparatively, taking care of chickens can be more cost-effective in comparison to taking care of some other animals.
Many people are planning on utilizing their backyard to set up their chicken farm, and some others are thinking of doing it on a large scale.
Well, these small birds often require little space, and as such, you can set up a backyard coop where you can get fresh eggs every morning. Don't also forget, meat would never be missing on the menu. Bigger operations are highly appreciable, as you can also supply your home and neighbors.
So, once you successfully gain permission from the authorities to set up a chicken coop, what next?
Well, there are lots of other things involved, and may seem quite overwhelming at first but you are sure to scale through.
Which breeds of chickens do you want to raise?
What housing system or pattern would work best?
If you find yourself stuck, then you would be needing an excellent guide that would take you through the whole process, and ensure you raise happy and healthy chickens. Hence, this eBook comes fully packed with great details that cover various areas of raising chickens.
It covers right from the scratch, offering basic tips on how to pick a space for keeping chickens, setting up a birdhouse, designing and finishing it up, and moves further to the various breeds.
Thus, you can pick the right chicken breed or breeds you would rear with ease.
The good news is that you can access more, as you delve into the guide.Again, feeding chickens can be quite challenging, as the wrong ratio would not yield the expected results.
Are the birds ill?
You can also learn how to take good care of them and watch them grow back healthy. Furthermore, you can delve into the process of chicken reproduction with this guide and achieve maximum results. All these areas of raising chickens mentioned above and more, are what this manual exposes you to, and leads you to a successful outcome.

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ISBN: 9798708816535
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 13th, 2021
Pages: 170
Language: English