Bitcoin for Dummies 2021: A Complete Guide To Understanding Bitcoin, How To Buy, Sell, Store, Secure and Invest (Paperback)

Bitcoin for Dummies 2021: A Complete Guide To Understanding Bitcoin, How To Buy, Sell, Store, Secure and Invest Cover Image
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Learn about how to create wealth in Bitcoin and secure your digital assets

It's a great thing knowing that Bitcoin has come to change lives and if you're not yet utilizing this opportunity or a complete beginner who doesn't know how Bitcoin works.

If you still think that Bitcoin is a scam and won't be part of its revolution, you should rethink now and get started.

If you have money and confused about where to invest (either long and short term) but haven't made any decision yet.

This book is for you...

Bitcoin is one of the greatest assets you can invest in, and be sure of getting dividends based on your investment portfolio.

Unlike Forex, your account gets blown off, but Bitcoin has proven to be the money-making machine in this digital age.

Most people often get scared of the price volatility, while some take it as an opportunity to earn extra income.

The money in Bitcoin is in its volatility, which means when you understand how it works and what influences the price, winning is for sure.

The governments are against Bitcoin and other altcoins because they are decentralized digital currency and can not be controlled or taxed.

Is this not a good sign to you that Bitcoin has come to stay?

Are you ready to start making money in Bitcoin this 2021?

If yes, get this book now to get started...

Note This is not a get-rich-quick like MLM, Ponzi Schemes, and other illegal ways of investing in Bitcoin but a legitimate and consistent manner.

In this book, you'll learn about;

  • The history of Bitcoin
  • Understanding how Bitcoin works
  • Bitcoin mining
  • How to buy and sell Bitcoin
  • Where to buy and sell Bitcoin
  • Secured ways to store and invest your Bitcoin
  • The best wallets for Bitcoin exchange and investment.
  • Why buy Bitcoin
  • How private and public keys works
  • The best performing coins to invest in 2021
  • How much you can invest in Bitcoin to get started as a beginner

Bitcoin existence has proven to be the easiest way to store and grow your wealth without being taxed by the government.

This book emphasized a long-term investment plan with Bitcoin and how to secure your wallet against hackers and fraudsters.

Are you still confused about how to get started with Bitcoin?

Don't be left alone.

Get BITCOIN FOR DUMMIES 2021 for a full guide on how to get started with Bitcoin today.

Start now, and don't wait for anyone before grabbing this opportunity.

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ISBN: 9798705675142
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 6th, 2021
Pages: 114
Language: English