Salomé (Annotated) (Paperback)

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Differentiated book- It has a historical context with research of the time-This book contains a historical context, where past events or the study and narration of these events are examined. The historical context refers to the circumstances and incidents surrounding an event. This context is formed by everything that, in some way, influences the event when it happens. A fact is always tied to its time: that is, to its time. Therefore, when analyzing events that took place tens, hundreds or thousands of years ago, it is essential to know the historical context to understand them. Otherwise, we would be analyzing and judging what happened in a totally different era with a current perspective.The confluence of the various religious beliefs that dominated the Victorian era has been distanced, exoticized and reproduced by Oscar Wilde in his dramatic work of Salom , symbolic and in one act. Many critics have recognized that this work represents the appearances of life in the Victorian era. Salom has been considered in a very diverse way as --- the New Woman (Beckson, Dellamora) and as the Personified Decadence (Ellmann, Gagnier, Shewan, Dijkstra), while the character of Jokanaan has been interpreted as a personification of Christian celibacy from the Victorian era. Bram Dijkstra has written regarding the general interest of the fin-de-siecle in Salome that "Salome's longing for the head of the Baptist thus proves to be a mere pretext for man's.

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Publication Date: September 24th, 2020
Pages: 66
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