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IntroductionI want to give my "congratulations to the first reader of the book".Fishing can be a fun hobby for most people, but it is also a way of providing food for humanity.It is a very valuable food for humans, but few know it, as well as the process required to find it. In recent years, because there is a shortage, humanity is engaged in fish farming.Fish has always been a staple in our diet - a diet that has been considered a global standard in recent years.This reason is the main purpose of the information that the reader will have from the book, so that he realizes the nutritional value of fish compared to other essential foods that humans need.I come from a family of "fishermen", I grew up, I lived in a coastal place with the fishermen. My father, my grandfather, my uncle, myself a professional and amateur fisherman with their own boats. Additionally I have been involved in spearfishing, swimming and sailing. So my experience on the subject of fishing is quite large. I grew up and was with the fishermen and their children. I fished all hours of the day.For these reasons the book is not theoretical but serves to consolidate the reader on fishing and fish nutrition. Apart from that, he will inform and train him in amateur fishing, which is one of the most enjoyable hobbies of our time.So, when one reads this book, one will be quite informed about the value of fish as a basic diet. This means improving the health and longevity of the human race by immediately improving our living and eating conditions. We can, with less effort, help ourselves and our fellow human beings to find a healthy diet.The reader will have a direct benefit with the purchase of the book and for this reason, it would be a "wish project" to take action and buy to read the book immediately.

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ISBN: 9798689507804
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 24th, 2020
Pages: 86
Language: English