Shape and Care Your Puppy's Life: Training And Nutrition For A Perfect Dog (Paperback)

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You Don't Need to Be Dr. Dolittle to Know What Your Puppy's Trying to Tell You

Your kids wanted a puppy so much that you finally gave in and got the little fluffball. Now what?

Unless you have the innate talent to influence a dog telepathically, you'll surely come across issues like pee on the carpet, chewed up sandals (yes, the $200 pair ), nighttime howling, drooling, and the likes.

Pups are cute, loyal, and charismatic, but they also make a big mess. Having a dog at home isn't that easy; after all, there will be a brand new creature that's vulnerable and entirely dependent on you.

The sooner you get started with dog training and wellbeing practices, the happier everyone is going to be.

There are tons of urban legends related to dog care and training

Should you use a shock collar, or is it barbaric?

Should you show your pup who's the boss or focus entirely on positive reinforcement?

Should you be the leader of the pack or spoil your brand-new pet rotten?

The more you look for dog training and wellbeing information online, the more confused you're going to get.

You don't need all of the complex, theory-based, nonsensical dog care guides out there. The right approach is practical, intuitive, and straight to the point.

It relies on a very simple, but little known, secret that you can master in just a few steps.

In The Puppy Guide, you will discover:

  • How to get along with your dog from day one - a secret that professional dog trainers don't want you to know
  • The one thing you should do the moment you meet your brand new puppy
  • Strategies for preventing sleepless nights and potty training disasters
  • 6 commands every dog can learn in just 15 minutes per day
  • Picking the best food for your dog without spending a fortune on premium brands
  • Puppy health and happiness: making sure everything's working properly from nose to tail
  • The trick to never having to worry about dog behavioral problems like biting, humping, separation anxiety and chewing
  • Ways your dog is speaking to you and how to understand the language
  • The amazing role dog psychology plays in establishing the bond between pet and owner

And much more

You don't need a training certificate or a vet diploma to make sure your pet is properly trained, happy, and healthy.

Interacting with your dog is a two-directional process. If you are observant enough, you will know what needs to be done in each situation.

In addition, learning how to read the signs will make every single activity a major success. Whether you're teaching your dog to play dead, or you're having them protect your home, you will come out triumphant by personalizing your approach.

Becoming a dog whisperer is not about abilities you're born with. If you want to master the secrets to communicating with your dog and taking good care of him, scroll up and click the "Add to Cart" button now.

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ISBN: 9798675590131
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 15th, 2020
Pages: 172
Language: English