Docker: Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Docker for Beginners and Intermediates (Paperback)

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You Are about to discover the Ins And Outs of Docker So You Can Start Using It with Confidence, Even If you've Never Used It Before

Docker is a software development platform and a virtualization technology that makes it easy for us to develop and deploy apps inside of neatly packaged virtual containerized environments, which means that apps run the same, no matter where they are or what machine they are running on.

Docker containers can be deployed to just about any machine without any compatibility issues, so your software stays system agnostic, making the software simpler to use, less work to develop, easier to maintain and deploy.

But like most technologies, Docker can feel confusing and overly complex, especially for someone who's new to cloud computing, or a little overwhelming to a developer who's just making the acquaintance of it.

You may wonder:

What is Docker (good for)?

How would I benefit from it exactly?

How is it any different from its predecessors?

How do I get started with it?

If that's you, then you came to the right place.

You are looking at a simple, comprehensive and practical beginners' and intermediates' book that has all the answers to these and many more questions.

This is a preview of what you will learn:
  • A detailed overview of the Docker platform and architecture
  • How to run Docker containers
  • How to build your own Docker image
  • Networking in Docker
  • Docker for Windows and Mac
  • Introduction to container orchestration tools like Docker swarm and Kubernetes
  • And much more

And even if this is your first encounter with Docker, by reading this book, you will feel confident getting started with Docker

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ISBN: 9798669922856
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 27th, 2020
Pages: 154
Language: English