Beating the Financial Futures Market: The 2020 Almanac (Paperback)

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What are the two most powerful day-trading indicators?How can a Dow-S&P comparison predict probable market direction?Should we expect an opening gap to continue its direction, or will it more likely retrace toward the previous close?How can anybody's day trading methodology almost certainly be improved by observing one simple trading rule?These are just some of questions answered in Beating the Financial Futures Market: the 2020 Almanac. This addendum to my original like-titled 2006 full-length book is intended to be a treasure-trove of stats. Some are simple discoveries of which buy/sell side is "downstream as opposed to fighting the current", while others are powerful enough to use as actual mechanical systems. As always, nearly everything I allege is backed by actual performance studies in all five of the major U.S. stock-related index futures. I post the complete Trade Station code for every system as well as full disclosure in simple English. I take pride in my transparency- "giving away the store" as one associate dubiously put it. But hopefully, this time I've pushed the quantity side of information also. If the 2017 Almanac was written for skeptics (a 10-year post-publication performance follow-up to my 2006 systems), the 2020 counterpart is for people like me. Those excited by numbers and what they reveal. Stat geeks.There's a significant day trading emphasis in this volume. It's my method of choice these days. Clean slate, no adverse overnight surprises. I longed to transition to this style for a while-after some struggling, I've arrived, more content than ever and eager to share.The same trader critical of how much I "give away" had another observation. If you could demonstrate whether something would work or not, why wouldn't you want to know?Why indeed? Join me in my joyful discovery.

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ISBN: 9798619894172
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 1st, 2020
Pages: 74
Language: English