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The lovers of a great poet are the people in the world who are most to be forgiven a littlewanton fancy about him, for they have before them, in his genius and work, an irresistible exampleof the application of the imaginative method to a thousand subjects. Certainly, therefore, there aremany confirmed admirers of Robert Browning to whom it will not have failed to occur that theconsignment of his ashes to the great temple of fame of the English race was exactly one of thoseoccasions in which his own analytic spirit would have rejoiced and his irrepressible faculty forlooking at human events in all sorts of slanting coloured lights have found a signal opportunity. If hehad been taken with it as a subject, if it had moved him to the confused yet comprehensive utteranceof which he was the great professor, we can immediately guess at some of the sparks he would havescraped from it, guess how splendidly, in the case, the pictorial sense would have intertwined itselfwith the metaphysical. For such an occasion would have lacked, for the author of "The Ring and theBook," none of the complexity and convertibility that were dear to him. Passion and ingenuity, ironyand solemnity, the impressive and the unexpected, would each have forced their way through; in aword the author would have been sure to take the special, circumstantial view (the inveterate markof all his speculation) even of so foregone a conclusion as that England should pay her greatesthonour to one of her greatest poets. As they stood in the Abbey, at any rate, on Tuesday last, thoseof his admirers and mourners who were disposed to profit by his warrant for enquiring curiouslymay well have let their fancy range, with its muffled step, in the direction which his fancy wouldprobably not have shrunk from following, even perhaps to the dim corners where humour and thewhimsical lurk. Only, we hasten to add, it would have taken Robert Browning himself to render themultifold impression.

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ISBN: 9798590969814
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 6th, 2021
Pages: 178
Language: English