Carny Life: On the Road with a Circus (Paperback)

Carny Life: On the Road with a Circus By W. C. Thompson Cover Image
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"We circus people have so high an opinion of our good qualities that we are not ashamed to introduce ourselves to you. As pilgrims with no abiding city, leading a life of multiplied activities and varied fortunes amid scenes of din and turmoil, hurry and agitation, our platform is courage, ambition, and energy, governed by honest purpose and tempered by humanity. We have our infirmities, our faults, and our sins, but also our virtues, our excellences, and our standards of perfection, and a discerning world has come no longer to regard us as unscrupulous invaders, but as invited and welcome guests."

This is a sympathetic and funny account of life with a traveling circus by a young man who impulsively joined up with one. He wrote a faithful recording of daily life with one of the "big shows".

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ISBN: 9798584333317
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 20th, 2020
Pages: 264
Language: English