Dog Food: A complete guide for a correct nutrition and healthy cooking for your dog (Paperback)

Dog Food: A complete guide for a correct nutrition and healthy cooking for your dog By Chantal Steven Cover Image
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✓ Are you looking for a simple and practical cookbook guide to preparing delicious healthy food for your pet?
✓ Do you want to manage the nutritional intake to offer a rich and balanced diet to your four-legged friend?
✓ Or maybe you're already preparing food for your puppy, and now you're looking for healthy and easy-to-prepare recipes to make it super happy?

If you've found yourself in at least one of these profiles, then keep reading...

...The sad reality is that many commercial feeds have a high concentration of harmful agents that can seriously undermine our pet's welfare in the long run. Like us, dogs need a rich and balanced diet to meet their nutritional needs and stay healthy. Think about it...pets are part of our family, and like all family members, they need special attention in food safety Preparing homemade dog food is the best way to save money and ensure your four-legged friend a genuine and healthy diet.

⚠ However, choosing every single aspect of a puppy's or adult dog's diet is not easy, and it is essential to be well informed to avoid any nutritional deficiencies. But how can you do it in complete safety?

...You are in the right place This book is designed for people who, like you, are looking for a quick and easy approach to provide the best for their furry friends. This guide covers every aspect to consider when preparing homemade food, including nutritional differences between the different breeds. Here's what you'll find in detail by reading this book:

  • The real reason why you should prepare food for your puppy at home
  • All the essential aspects to keep in mind for healthy nutrition.
  • How to calculate the right amount of food and avoid overfeeding problems
  • Nutritional identikits for each breed to make food based on your puppy's genetic structure
  • Dozens of healthy and tasty recipes easy to make without getting a headache
  • How to save money by providing your puppy with a controlled, nutrient-rich diet
  • And much, much more

♥ Even if you're a complete beginner on the cooker, this guide will take you step by step to creating super easy recipes that your pet will adore. Those of us who love them do not conceive of being considered "masters" or "owners" of our furry puppy. For the simple fact that we do not own them but establish a relationship of mutual friendship, fidelity, love with them. A relationship that must be cultivated with all the care and attention it deserves.

Now it is your turn to take action.

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ISBN: 9798559913568
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 6th, 2020
Pages: 162
Language: English