Corporate Success Stories: 1999 Huge and Exemplary Companies with Profits and a Heart of Gold (Paperback)

Corporate Success Stories: 1999 Huge and Exemplary Companies with Profits and a Heart of Gold Cover Image
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Offices and Achievement

Some people succeed. Some people succeed beyond their wildest dreams, and provide dignified livelihoods to thousands of other people, and in the process earn enough money for a thousand generations. This book is a celebration of the most famous companies of all time, irrespective of country or geography. Get ready to be inspired and motivated

Every Major Industry
This book talks about a large number of companies, divided into five major sectors:
1. Tech companies: These are probably most familiar to us in our daily lives. From Microsoft to Facebook to Apple to Google, vast software and hardware conglomerates are inextricably linked with the modern world.

2. Oil and Gas entities: From Sinopec to IOCL to BP to Aramco, oil and gas companies diversify downstream to petrochemicals and upstream to exploration, and have spread their tentacles deep into the fabric of human existence in the 21st century, when we're all about energy, its scarcity, and its availability.

3. Banks: From public banks that hold a nation's financial stability together, to large co-operative banks that gain their huge fund base from bulk investments, to holding companies that are the power behind the modern world, banks are as relevant today as they have ever been, providing the financial banking that makes every large scale effort possible and feasible.

4. Pharmaceutical Companies: Health is serious business - the events of 2020 brought that home to us in a way that we always suspected, but never completely understood. Pharma companies derive immense profits from every human being alive today, and their size will just scale up exponentially with an increasing population.

5. Other sectors: Insurance, fin-tech, real estate - these are just a few of the sectors that spawn a few unicorns, that are also featured in the pages of this book.

These companies form the basis of this book, but I have added a layer of abstraction that makes the book even more challenging and interesting. Instead of directly telling you about the company names, I have turned it all into a puzzle challenge, where you will have to guess the company names, given some information about the structure of their name, the country of origin, and the industry sector in which they operate.

I am sure you will be up to the challenge. Have fun, and may you learn a lot

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