Bizarre True Crime Volume 4: 20 Bonkers and Ghastly True Crime Stories. (Paperback)

Bizarre True Crime Volume 4: 20 Bonkers and Ghastly True Crime Stories. By Ben Oakley Cover Image
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20 Bizarre True Crime Stories to Have You Crapping in Your Coffin "This series discombobulates your brain and shivers your timbers "

The Villisca Axe Murders - In a town known as the pretty place, an entire family were killed by an axeman who had been hiding in their attic waiting for them to go to sleep, in a case that continues to haunt to this day.

The Uncatchable - A man known as the Greek Robin Hood, went on a 30-year crime spree, gave money to the poor, twice broke out of prison with a helicopter, and broke into prison to rescue his brother - with a tank.

Black Mass of the Fortune Teller - Black magic, witchcraft, poisonings, French aristocracy, hundreds of deaths, and a secret network of abortionists and fortune tellers, welcome to the tale of Catherine Monvoisin.

The Bodies of Murder Park - Since 1946, almost 100 bodies have been found in a park in the middle of Baltimore, at least 40 had been murdered by different people, at least 10 remain unsolved.

First Case of Hacking in History - People gathered in anticipation for the first public demo of the wireless telegram system, only for the world's first hacker to tap the signal - and use Morse code to insult the inventor

Soul Eater and the Runaway Devil - A man claiming to be a 300-year-old vampire, and a 12-year-old girl, fell into a forbidden love which left the girl's entire family murdered - a dark tale that concludes with a disturbing twist.

Battle of Lanarca Airport - Forced to return with the plane they had hijacked, two assassins and their hostages watched from the windows in shock, as special forces opened fire - on each other.

Nude in the Nettles - A strange phone call leads to the discovery of a woman's body on the North York Moors, but for over 40 years, her identity and death remain a mystery, and one of England's oddest unsolved cold cases.

Killings of Templeton Woods - After the first Templeton Woods murder, girls stopped walking the streets alone, after the second, the area became ground zero for Britain's most infamous cold case, with links to the Zodiac Killer.

The Real 'Orphan' - Straight out of the Hollywood horror 'Orphan', a loving couple adopt a young girl, only to discover she is an adult, who stands at the end of their bed at night, holding a knife.

+ TEN MORE bizarre true crime stories and mysteries, perfect for late night reading or a quick tale at lunchtime.


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