90 Unbalanced Formations: And how to use them (Paperback)

90 Unbalanced Formations: And how to use them By Kenny Simpson Cover Image
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The idea of this book is to show how using words that speak to only one player, gives the offense unlimited sets. These are just a sampling of what our offense can get into if desired.

While an offense more than likely won't use each formation in every game, the ability to be multiple in sets will cause a defense to spend much of their practice time working on alignment and allow the offense to run a select set of plays.

Run few plays well - and dress them up with formations.

This book focuses on unbalanced looks or non-traditional sets. However, we want to keep five eligible players at all times. So, we work on stressing the defense to align correctly and account for all our potential skill players.

As you go through this book, think about how you will use formations in your offensive structure to give your athletes an advantage.

It could be a +1 (where the offense has one more player than the defense).

It could be an advantage in the passing game with a better match up or a rub type concept.

If could be creating great angles for blocks.

Whatever it is, there needs to be a purpose.

This book shows all unbalanced formations and ways that we use any formation possible to gain an advantage.

When a coach hears "unbalanced" they often think a set that is only designed to run, but this is not the goal in our offense.

We want to have the ability to keep five eligible players and throw the ball if the defense does not respect the look.

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