The Seed Sanctuary: Book 2 (Mossad Chronicles #2) (Paperback)

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In the year 2030, the world faces a grave threat of widespread starvation due to the effects of climate change. Droughts, floods, and unpredictable weather patterns have devastated arable lands, leading to mass migrations and food insecurity. To combat this crisis, a group of biotechnologists known as the Transglobal Biotech Consortium has developed revolutionary Super Agri-seeds. These advanced seeds possess the remarkable ability to resist newly emerging fungal spores and significantly increase crop yields.
However, amidst the global turmoil, certain fascist nationalist governments have risen to power in Western nations. Exploiting the desperation caused by food shortages, these leaders secretly conspire to seize the Super Agri-seeds, which were intended to be distributed to impoverished nations. Their sinister objective is to exacerbate starvation among the most vulnerable populations, echoing the genocidal intentions of the past.
Meanwhile, a Mossad agent, driven by a personal history shaped by the Holocaust and the resilience of his ancestors, stumbles upon this nefarious plot. Realizing the immense responsibility resting on his shoulders, he embarks on a perilous mission to retrieve the stolen seeds before it's too late. His race against time becomes a critical battle between life and death, for the fate of millions deemed unworthy of survival hangs in the balance.
In this gripping tale, the world population teeters on the edge of starvation, with hope found in the Super Agri-seeds that promise a solution. The narrative explores themes of resilience, heroism, and the fight against tyranny, drawing parallels to the darkest chapters of human history.

About the Author

Dr. Peters is a visiting Professor at the Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs at Florida International University, lecturing on Macroeconomic Government Policies. He has been a three time distinguished guest scholar at the University of Shanghai. Highlighted in the Wall Street Journal, healthcare journals, a recipient of Dx Health Care Awards & "Who's Who in American Entrepreneurs".

Since retiring, Dr. Peters has turned to write Biotechnology Thriller Novels, using his personal experiences while living overseas in emerging nations with endemic & pandemic
diseases. Using the genre of Biotechnology, his novels read at a fast pace, like Crichton in medical or Grisham in law.

His novels include
Off Shore
The Cure
Cuba's Nuclear Pinata
The Hajj Intercept

His fifth novel, The Seed Sanctuary is a second in his
Mossad thriller series following The Hajj Intercept
Winter 2024

Product Details
ISBN: 9798350946741
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: April 3rd, 2024
Pages: 390
Language: English
Series: Mossad Chronicles