The Love: A Collection of Teenage Poems (Paperback)

The Love: A Collection of Teenage Poems By Ac Knight Cover Image
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Young love is beautiful. It's make you want to write corny poetry for and to your muse. Do you remember the magic of your first love? Maybe a poem or two will spark your memory.

Poem 2

I'll always find my way back,

back to what matters the most,

the most amazing human being is you,

You...I lost you once, it won't happen again.

again, we fight and break up,

break up, in five minutes we make up,

make up is what we do because we are in love

love, a word I honestly don't understand the meaning of but I feel,

feel, feel like I need to be telling you that you're the only one that matters,

matters, does it matter that others are after,

after us because we're so perfectly imperfect,

imperfect we are as human beings, but the chase is worth it,

worth it is what you are to me,

to me is who you belong to,

to you, I will always find my way back to

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ISBN: 9798215977682
Publisher: AC Knight
Publication Date: November 20th, 2022
Pages: 66
Language: English