How to Be Married (to Melissa): A Hilarious Guide to a Happier, One-Of-A-Kind Marriage (MP3 CD)

How to Be Married (to Melissa): A Hilarious Guide to a Happier, One-Of-A-Kind Marriage By Dustin Nickerson, Dustin Nickerson (Read by), Melissa Nickerson (Read by) Cover Image
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Popular standup comedian and podcaster Dustin Nickerson delivers a hilarious and practical take on navigating marriage based on his everyday experiences as a husband, father, and an Average Joe who is still trying to figure it all out.

Tired of the formulaic, one-size-fits-all books that reduce relationships to math equations, Dustin Nickerson decided to draw from his sixteen-year-marriage to his wife, Melissa, for insights into keeping relationships in a good spot. In How to Be Married (to Melissa), he shares that the key to his marriage's success is laughter and offers a few lessons he learned (and didn't learn), including

our footprints in the sand are on different beaches; identifying tripwires prevents accidental explosions during dinner; contrary to popular belief, conceding is sweeter if it comes with a heartfelt apology; and the baby is two days old--is it time to schedule the vasectomy?

Filled with storytelling, personal anecdotes, and honest disclosures, Nickerson brings his popular and highly relatable brand of humor to topics ranging from parenting and finances to church attendance and in-laws, showing readers how to break up the monotony and break open the vulnerability as they celebrate their own one-of-a-kind marriages.

Self-described as "the world's most average person," Nickerson offers readers the gift of peering into his own marriage's challenges because, as he and Melissa are still discovering, those can turn into hysterical stories worth sharing later.

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ISBN: 9798212679510
Publisher: HarperCollins Christian
Publication Date: May 11th, 2022
Language: English