Self Discipline and Emotional Control: Master the 7 hidden secrets to develop your charisma and achieve your goals. Disarm the manipulator and avoid c (Large Print / Hardcover)

Self Discipline and Emotional Control: Master the 7 hidden secrets to develop your charisma and achieve your goals. Disarm the manipulator and avoid c Cover Image
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"Your Client Will Appreciate This fabulous guide with unique contents"

"You can never conquer the mountain. You can only conquer yourself."- Jim Whittaker, American mountaineer and CEO

Would you like to develop self discipline in your life?

You will know how this method works very soon

If you're someone who struggles with staying motivated, and take action, regardless of how you're feeling, there are plenty of things about you that would make loving you easy.

Whether in terms of your diet, fitness, work ethic or relationships, self discipline is the number one trait needed to accomplish goals, lead a healthy lifestyle, and ultimately, be happy.

In "SELF DISCIPLINE AND EMOTIONAL CONTROL" you can find the stories of 79 people who changed their lives and started to protect themselves from the pain and suffering driven from wrong habits.

One of them is Lena, a girl trapped in the prison of a manipulator.

She wanted to rebuild her existence, thereby moving from being a victim of codependency to living a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

She asked for help and she had the opportunity to learn how to have self-discipline, and be able to put off short-term pleasure in the pursuit of long-term gain.

This example is only one of the many lives that this method has managed to turn upside down.

Still, all these people had one thing in common.

The fervent desire to change and facing have a different life and relationship, overcoming procrastination

This bundle collection is a challenging tool to find real help with many unique contents that indirectly will answer to your doubts:

Dark Psychology and Manipulation

How People with Dark Personalities Traits Behave to Control Your Life

✅ How Toxic People Choose their Favorite Victims

5 detailed and doable statements to avoid manipulation at work

Compulsive eating

✅ The connection between psychology and food and the impact of chemistry in overeating habits;

The difference between emotional and physical hunger;

✅ 9 easy steps to avoid the traps of binge eating and emotional eating;

Self-discipline is useful in many areas of our lives. It is important to get support from "outside" to understand in a crystal clear way what is going on and learn to communicate effectively by setting boundaries.

Right now, it's up to you to decide what to do

Do you prefer not moving forward, by wasting time with your "I'll do it" or would you eventually prefer to take action and live the life you deserve?

If the answer is hopefully the latter then click the BUY NOW button and start rebuild your self-esteem and confidence.

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