Stem Cells: Biology and Therapeutics (Hardcover)

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Stem cells hold great promise for cell therapy, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications. This book highlights the potency of stem cells, their property of self-renewal and their ability to differentiate into different cell lineages. It further describes the different markers to identify stem cells, sources, methods of isolation, culture including 2D, 3D and beyond and their cryopreservation. This is among the first books to discuss glycosylation and sialylation in stem cells. Chapters describe application of stem cells in regenerative medicine and therapy, and highlight their application in cancer therapy and spinal cord injury. The book talks about the important patents on stem cells. The book also highlights the plant stem cells, discussing their pluoripotent nature, role in organ regeneration after injury, specific stem cell niches, that signals to block differentiation studied in plants shoot, root, and vascular meristems, differentiation of plant stem cell, transcriptional regulation and epigenetic modification of plant stem cells.

This book is exciting and cutting edge. It will be of great interest to doctors, students and researchers in the field of regenerative medicine, cancer, biotechnology and plant sciences.

About the Author

Dr.Suchandra Chowdhury is currently working as Assistant Prof, Bethune college Kolkata. She has worked in the field of Immunology and glycosylation in stem cells, protein chemistry working on haematopoietic malignancy. She did her PhD from CSIR-IICB, Kolkata, India, Jadavpur University, Post-Graduation and Graduation from University of Calcutta. Dr.Shyamasree Ghosh has worked and published in the domain of glycobiology, Cancer Biology, nanotechnology, immunology and computational Biology. She completed her graduation and post graduation studies under Calcutta University and PhD from IICB, Kolkata India. In her Post-Doctoral Research, she worked in stem cells and nanotechnology. Later she joined as a faculty and held the position of Chair in college affiliated to Bangalore University. Currently she is serving NISER, Orissa, India. She is a member of many Scientific bodies and has received many awards.

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ISBN: 9789811616372
ISBN-10: 981161637X
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: July 25th, 2021
Pages: 266
Language: English