Close Friends (Paperback)

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Close Friends is a collection of stories that follow the adventures of three

close companions, Ekainu, Eboh, and Ene, as they navigate life's challenges

and learn valuable lessons along the way. These stories were written by

the talented author, Stephen Edoh, who drew inspiration from her own

experiences and the folklore of the Idoma people.

In these tales, readers will be transported to a world full of wonder, where the

bonds of friendship are tested and strengthened through trials and triumphs.

The stories showcase the unique personalities of each character and how their

strengths and weaknesses complement one another.

As readers journey with Ekainu, Eboh, and Ene, they will be entertained,

educated, and enlightened by the rich cultural heritage of the Idoma people.

The three friends are a testament to the power of enduring friendship and the

importance of learning from one another.

We hope this collection of stories will captivate your imagination and leave a

lasting impression on your heart, just as it has done for many generations of

the Idoma people.

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ISBN: 9789281298696
ISBN-10: 9281298694
Publisher: Blurb on Marble
Publication Date: July 12th, 2023
Pages: 24
Language: English