Body-building secrets have been disclosed: Body-building Nutrition, Bodybuilding Diet, Weight Training: Bodybuilding Diets and Guides (Paperback)

Body-building secrets have been disclosed: Body-building Nutrition, Bodybuilding Diet, Weight Training: Bodybuilding Diets and Guides By Hector Palmmer Cover Image
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Since the fitness craze of the 1980s, we have been increasingly conscious about our health and physique. Every year, millions of dollars are spent on the pursuit of the perfect figure. Gyms are major business, personal trainers are making a good livelihood by helping people stay fit, and bodybuilding supplements are a must-have.

Bodybuilding is a sport that has been around for quite some time. Eugen Sndow, known as the "Father of Bodybuilding," was credited with establishing the sport in the late nineteenth century by encouraging people to observe his body in muscle disply performances.

Sndow based his performance around displays of strength and agility, as well as showing off his "Grecin" physique, which was seen to be the ultimate body. He became so successful that he founded several businesses around his fme and was one of the first individuals to market bodybuilding items around his nme. As he gained popularity, he was credited with inventing the first exercise equipment marketed to the masses.

Sndow is also credited for starting the first bodybuilding competition, "The Gret Competition," which was held in London. This competition set the standard for many others to follow, including the Mr. Olympia competition, which is still the most popular bodybuilding competition to date.

When World War II broke out, men across the country were driven to get bigger, stronger, and more aggressive in their behaviour. Training techniques were refined, diet was prioritised more than ever, and bodybuilding equipment evolved into powerful tools for exercising muscles in ways never imagined before.

Around this period, several body building organisations, like the Amateur Athletic Union and the International Federation of Body Building, were formed. Bodybuilding was taken to a new level in 1970 when the film "Pumping Iron" was released, starring newcomer Arnold Schwrzenegger.

Bodybuilding has increased in popularity over the years, becoming almost an obsession for many people. Women have taken an interest in honing their bodies, and the sport has evolved into a highly competitive renaissance.

If you've ever wanted to learn how to design your physique to the "Grecin Idea" envisioned by Eugen Sndow, there's a lot to learn. This book will walk you through some of the fundamentals to get you started. Of course, nothing beats actually going to the gym and doing weights, but you'll need some information first.

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