Childhood in Cinema (Paperback)

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Cinematic Childhood: Deconstructed explores the multifaceted portrayal of youth in the world of cinema, delving into the nuanced construction and representation of childhood across various genres, cultures, and time periods. This captivating exploration peels back the layers of storytelling, cinematography, and character development to uncover the intricate tapestry of childhood as depicted on the silver screen.

From heartwarming coming-of-age tales that tug at your heartstrings to thought-provoking dramas that challenge societal norms, this cinematic journey traverses the spectrum of human experiences during the formative years. It examines how filmmakers harness the power of innocence, curiosity, and vulnerability to create compelling narratives that resonate with audiences of all ages.

By analyzing iconic films that have shaped our perception of childhood, this project illuminates the ways in which cinema captures the essence of growing up, highlighting the universal themes that transcend language and culture. From classic tales to modern masterpieces, "Cinematic Childhood: Deconstructed" celebrates the artistry of filmmakers who have shaped our understanding of youth, inviting viewers to rekindle their own memories and reflect on the pivotal moments that define the journey from childhood to adulthood.

Join us on this captivating expedition through the magic of cinema, where the construction of childhood unfolds in all its mesmerizing complexity, leaving you with a renewed appreciation for the profound impact of storytelling on our lives.

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ISBN: 9787979627353
ISBN-10: 7979627350
Publisher: Haji Publisher
Publication Date: August 7th, 2023
Pages: 232
Language: English