2018 la Salida: Decadencia y Renacimiento de Mexico (Paperback)

2018 la Salida: Decadencia y Renacimiento de Mexico Cover Image
By López
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In this book, I reassert a conviction I have expressed before: corruption is the number one problem Mexico faces nowadays. For this reason, I call upon all Mexicans, whether they are women or men, poor or rich, rural or urban settlers, religious o freethinkers, to make an effort in reaching a national agreement and to lead their lives with honesty, demanding the same from their government. With this new approach to politics, and with an upright behavior, there will not be any need to raise taxes, nor to increase public debt, and I am positive that the life and work conditions of all citizens will be improved. If we emerge victorious in 2018, and if we apply the changes we propose, by the end of my presidential term, i.e. 2024, we will enjoy a new level of wellbeing and an environment which will be completely different from the one we currently have. We will have a better society, not only because this will be a society built by everyone from scratch, but also because we would have created a new school of thought, and we would have also fulfilled the ideals of a revolution of conscience which will prevent the predominance of money, deceit and corruption in the future, as well as the imposition of profit over dignity, truth, morality and love for your neighbor. The decadence and rebirth of Mexico.

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ISBN: 9786070738739
ISBN-10: 607073873X
Publisher: Planeta Publishing
Publication Date: April 18th, 2017
Pages: 280
Language: Spanish