A Bride of The Plains (Paperback)

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A Bride of the Plains is a historical novel written in 1915 by Baroness Orczy, the author of the famous The Scarlet Pimpernel series. It is dedicated to the memory of Lajos Kossuth, and in the dedication the author cries out to the dead Hungarian patriot and asks him: "What would YOU have said now had vou lived to see your country tied to Austria's chariot-wheels, the catspaw and tool of the Teutonic race which you abhorred?"


"God bless them all they are good lads."

It was now close on eight o'clock and more than two hours ago since first the dawn broke over that low-lying horizon line which seems so far away, and tinged the vast immensity of the plain first with grey and then with mauve and pale-toned emerald, with rose and carmine and crimson and blood-red, until the sun--triumphant and glorious at last--woke the sunflowers from their sleep, gilded every tiny blade of grass and every sprig of rosemary, and caused every head of stately maize to quiver with delight at the warmth of his kiss.

The plain stretched its limitless expanse as far as human eye can reach--a sea of tall straight stems, with waves of brilliant green and plume-crowned crests shimmering like foam in the sunlight.

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