Well Logging Handbook (Paperback)

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Contents: A. General data. B. Geology - Petrophysics. C. Processes for recording physical parameters. D. Resistivity - Conductivity logging - Electromagnetic wave propagation - Spontaneous potential. E. Magnetic susceptibility. F. Radioactivity logging: Natural radioactivity - Spectrometry of natural radioactivity. G. Density measurement - Photoelectric index measurement. H. Neutron logging: Neutron porosity measurements - Spectrometry of induced gamma rays - Chlorine logging - Termal neutron die-away measurements - Activation logging I. Nuclear magnetic resonance measurements. J. Acoustic logging: Sonic transit time measurement - Sonic amplitude and attenuation measurements - Well seismic techniques. K. Dip and borehole-wall image acquisition - Borehole caliper measurements. L. Temperature measurement. M. Rock and fluid sampling - Formation pressure measurement. Bibliography. Index.

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ISBN: 9782710809128
ISBN-10: 2710809125
Publisher: Editions Technip
Publication Date: June 21st, 2008
Pages: 609
Language: English