Rhea Silvia (Paperback)

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RHEA SILVIA: Book One in The First Vestals of Rome trilogy

Without her, there would be no Rome.

An unflinching, breathtaking retelling of the story of Rhea Silvia, fated by the gods to play a spectacular part in the mythos of Rome -- the mother of Romulus, Rome's legendary founder.

It is 772 BCE, nearly two decades before the birth of Rome. The city of Alba Longa and its king, Numitor, reign supreme. But Numitor's children, Princess Rhea Silvia and Prince Egestus, fear for the city's future. With Rhea set to marry an unpredictable enemy, they can see the end of their family's great dynasty as surely as their ancestor Aeneas saw the fall of Troy.

In a bid to maintain power, Rhea is set on a harrowing course that will push her to the limits of human endurance, forcing her to turn to the gods and rise with the ferocity imbued in her Trojan blood, sacrificing everything for the new Troy -- Rome.

About The First Vestals of Rome trilogy

Set in the 8th century BCE, The First Vestals of Rome is an action-packed trilogy that dramatizes the sensational, often perilous lives of three legendary women who gave rise to Rome's powerful order of Vestal Virgins. All of them central to the life of Romulus, Rome's founder, these tectonic women were fated to shape the history of the Eternal City as much as any Caesar who came after them.

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ISBN: 9781999430085
ISBN-10: 1999430085
Publisher: Debra May MacLeod
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2022
Pages: 318
Language: English