Against All Odds (Paperback)

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Over the last decade, Jeff Lestz has emerged as a prominent voice in the area of personal finance. He is a successful CEO, author and public speaker who works tirelessly to help individuals and families become financially free. The honesty, wisdom and expertise with which he does this is truly a breath of fresh air.

In this autobiography, a raw and heartbreaking piece of storytelling, Jeff invites readers along on the "rags to riches" journey of his life. From what seemed to be a perfect childhood, things quickly spiralled out of control: from his father's suicide and years spent in foster care to his mother's untimely death and being orphaned at age eight. Along the way, Jeff shares details of the tumultuous years spent as a homeless teenager, and the life-altering decision to change the negative trajectory of his journey.

With remarkable candour and the inclusion of eye-witness accounts, Jeff tells the story of his incredible transformation and quest for financial freedom. After rising through the ranks of the financial industry, he shares the principles which helped him become a millionaire at age 31. Against All Odds is a deeply moving account about one boy who had all the odds stacked against him, but through grit, hard work and determination, defied the statistics to become a success. Each chapter includes valuable life lessons and will inspire readers from every walk of life to look beyond their circumstances, take responsibility for their choices and move into the life they've always wanted.

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ISBN: 9781999311865
ISBN-10: 1999311868
Publisher: Boo-Tickety Publishing
Publication Date: July 18th, 2020
Pages: 316
Language: English