Power Iso-Tension 15 Week Muscle-building introductory Mini-Course (Paperback)

Power Iso-Tension 15 Week Muscle-building introductory Mini-Course By Marlon Birch Cover Image
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Power Iso-Tension 15 Week Bodybuilding Introductory Mini Course is a Revolutionary Comprehensive Exercise System which utilizes Self Resistance Exercises to build muscle and sculpt the body safely and easily. Perfect for boys and girls, men and women. Marlon Birch combined the most effective and efficient exercises and methods to coax muscle growth, strength and chiseled muscle

These exercises are incredibly safe, effective and can be done anywhere at any time. No special equipment is required whatsoever. With the Iso-tension 15-week Training System You Are Your Own Gym. If you're looking for a complete muscle-building manual that lays it all out for you- no wasted

effort training plans, all without weights- then this book is for you. It contains 15-week training phases centered around the self-resistance no-

weight program training approach. iso-tension Resistance training is a method that enables the trainee to exercise each muscle group fully without

the use of weights or machines of any kind. The programs build lean muscle fast and are also flexible- All phases are geared towards increasing

lean chiseled muscle and strength with no guess work and complete routines. Perfect for boys and girls aged 12 plus.

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ISBN: 9781990089671
ISBN-10: 1990089674
Publisher: Birch Tree Publishing
Publication Date: October 13th, 2023
Pages: 164
Language: English