A Stroke of Grace - Companion Journal (Paperback)

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A Stroke of Grace - Companion Journal is the second book in the A STROKE OF GRACE series. The first book (A Stroke of Grace - A Guide to Understanding and Living With An Acquired Brain Injury) was written by Julianne Heagy and is the story of her life after her May 21st, 2019 stroke.

Following her stroke, Julianne felt unsupported by the systems in place to care for post-stroke victims. She knew there were resources available but with an inability to hold a thought or comprehend written words, Julianne became frustrated with her search for information. As Julianne began to heal, she could recall some of what she needed to know and committed to taking notes and sharing her findings with others on the same acquired brain injury path. Her book, A Stroke of Grace, was a roadmap of what Julianne learned on her journey.

During her journey, Julianne discovered that it was easier for her to mentally maneuver if she had all the information in one place; especially when it was time for a medical appointment or to fill out an insurance form. So, she began a journal that documented this vital information, as well as served as a depository for her thoughts and feelings. It had a practical purpose during the year, and at the end of the year, it was a source of affirmation.

Julianne created A Stroke of Grace - Companion Journal to help others with acquired brain injury on their healing journey. It will assist the reader in keeping track of pertinent medical information and act as a place to reflect on their progress.

This book is arranged in twelve segments, one for each month of the first year after a stroke. Each section begins with "Your Guide and Journey" for that month where the author shares practical tips on maneuvering in their new world, where to find resources, and the strategies that worked for her to find a place of greater peace and joy within her new limitations.

Following each month's information are pages to document medical appointments. On these pages, there is a section to make note of concerns and questions, a space to record appointment dates and times, and an area to record the medical practitioner's contact information. At the bottom of the page, the "Diagnosis/Advice from Doctor" section is a space to record comments from the doctor/practitioner such as any medication changes or additions, recommended exercises or suggested lifestyle changes.

Following the "Doctor Visit Record" pages is a space to record "Struggles, Successes and Gratitude." This information is especially valuable when you look back and see how far you have come. The last pages of each segment are pages for journaling - a private place to express your emotions, ask questions that you hope to find the answers to and/or grow your gratitude practice.

Never in your lifetime will you again experience a year like the year after a stroke. Whether you were the one who survived the stroke or the caregiver, this book will act as a roadmap, an information depository, and a safe place for your thoughts.

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