Cryptocurrency: Insider Secrets 2 - 10 Exciting Crypto Projects Under $1 To Make You Wealthy in 2018 (Paperback)

Cryptocurrency: Insider Secrets 2 - 10 Exciting Crypto Projects Under $1 To Make You Wealthy in 2018 By Stephen Satoshi Cover Image
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What if there was an investment opportunity which could triple your money in just 3 months?Although this sounds like a pipedream - That's exactly what would have happened if you had invested in the coins discussed in the first Cryptocurrency Insider Secrets Book.These coins, all trading under $1 at the time of writing - produced an average return of 312%.And there were certain coins that skyrocketed even higher.Like Tron - a Chinese project not discussed in any other crypto book on Amazon, which brought returns of 1677%Or Neblio - which increased 966%Or Status - rising 900%So if you had invested $500 in Tron, you'd have made over $8,000 in just 3 months.And now, by popular demand, I'm releasing a sequel.With 10 more exciting crypto projects, all currently trading at less than $1, with huge potential for gains in 2018.Why release a sequel?For one reason - a second cryptocurrency boom is coming.Once that will make last December's gains look small.Because this time, institutional money is coming from Wall Street.And when banks and hedge funds get involved - prices rise faster than ever before Needless to say, millionaires will be made.Rat races will be quit.Lives will be changed forever.The question is - will yours be one of them?In this book you'll discover: How even a technophobic 90 year old can buy Bitcoin is less than 15 minutes (no more difficult than buying anything else online) - Page 19The coin disrupting a $1.2 trillion economy - Page 50The 5 big things you need to examine before investing in a coin (following this checklist separates the great investments from the rest) - Page 14A coin bridging crypto and traditional financial assets (leading the way for adoption by banks) - Page 36An all star coin with great industry connections (vital if any crypto project is to take off) - Page 30A Chinese coin being developed by one of the leading entrepreneurs in the country - Page 56A brand new, just announced method which makes crypto investing easier than ever - Page 96A coin with game changing technology which will open up partnerships with Fortune 500 companies - Page 82A secret but completely legal way to buy coins on Coinbase without paying transaction fees (potentially saving you hundreds of dollars per year) - Page 93...and much, much more.Plus not 1, but 2 free bonuses inside Are cryptos risky?Like any financial asset - there is a degree of riskBut you'll learn how to minimize your downside, while still retaining the potential upside.There is one catch though.You must act now. Because things move at lightning speed in the cryptocurrency space.The opportunity window is small, and investments quickly become "if only I'd invested then..." in a matter of weeks rather than months or years.And you don't want to miss out a project that could potentially be the next Bitcoin - do you?So if you're ready to begin profiting from the world's fastest growing financial market...Then click "add to cart" to receive your book instantly.

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