Everything You Should Know About Tea (Paperback)

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National Learning Association presents: TEA

Are your children curious about Tea? Would they like to know what country did tea originate in? Have they learnt how tea is grown or what the Boston Tea Party was? Inside this book, your children will begin a journey that will satisfy their curiosity by answering questions like these and many more

EVERYTHING YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT: TEA will allow your child to learn more about the wonderful world in which we live, with a fun and engaging approach that will light a fire in their imagination.

We're raising our children in an era where attention spans are continuously decreasing. National Learning Association provides a fun, and interactive way of keep your children engaged and looking forward to learn, with beautiful pictures, coupled with the amazing, fun facts.

Get your kids learning today Pick up your copy of National Learning Association EVERYTHING YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT: TEA book now Table of Contents Chapter 1- What is Tea? Chapter 2- How is Tea Grown? Chapter 3- How is Tea Processed? Chapter 4- Why Do Processing Plants Employ Tea Tasters? Chapter 5- What Country Did Tea Originate In? Chapter 6- What Myths Surround the Origins of Tea? Chapter 7- Why Did Tea Fall Out of Favour in the 13Th Century? Chapter 8- What is Ch'a Ching? Chapter 9- What was the East India Company? Chapter 10- When was Tea First Imported Into Britain? Chapter 11- Why was Tea Smuggled Into Britain? Chapter 12- What was the Boston Tea Party? Chapter 13- How Long Did it Used to Take to Get Tea from China to Britain? Chapter 14- What was a Tea Clipper? Chapter 15- When was the Last Tea Auction Held in London? Chapter 16- What is the Purpose of the Tea Bag? Chapter 17- Who Invented the Tea Bag? Chapter 18- What are the Origins of Tea Parties? Chapter 19- How was Tea Protected During the First and Second World Wars? Chapter 20- How Many Types of Tea are There?

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