The Meaning of Prayer (Paperback)

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Harry Emerson Fosdick's investigation into prayer is presented as a course for the reader to undertake over a total of ten of weeks, that they become familiar with the truths, facets and dimensions of praying.
First published in 1917, this book continues to inspire and motivate many Christians to this day. We receive an explanation of what prayer is meant to accomplish, how it brings God's attention to the individual and allows Him to give nurture and favor. Quotations in the Biblical scripture provide further clarity, showing the reader how prayer plays a crucial role in becoming closer to the Lord.
Fosdick also accounts for the hardships that many who embark on prayer encounter. Keeping one's attention on God is important, for evil thoughts and diversions can rob any Christian - even a seasoned believer - of the mindfulness required to pray correctly. The author determines that good deeds and thoughts between one's daily prayers are crucial, lest the believer find himself astray.
The author is careful to provide daily exercises spread over the course of ten weeks. Perfect for introducing structure to your daily observances, or for discovering or returning to the Christian fold, this book offers readers a chance to develop their prayer and deepen their understanding of this vital practice. The conclusion of the book has a number of recommended works appended, that the Christian may continue his investigations.

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