Israel's Lord: YHWH as "Two Powers" in Second Temple Literature (Hardcover)

Israel's Lord: YHWH as
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Israel's Lord: YHWH as "Two Powers" in Second Temple Literature addresses the nature of Jewish monotheism in Second Temple literature, advancing an argument that much of the literature reflects the existence of two powers in heaven that are both rightly understood as YHWH. To this end, Wilhite and Winn review various figures such God's Word, God's Wisdom, the Angel of the Lord, the Son of Man, and others that bear features closely associate with the God of Israel. Using criteria related to these features they argue that most, though not all, of these figures are rightly identified as the figure who appeared in Israel's scriptures and was called YHWH. Such a "two powers" paradigm is relevant for understanding early Christian commitments regarding Jesus. The debate about Jesus' divinity depends in large part on what options were available for the earliest Christians when considering his titles and status. The authors contend that with such a "two powers" paradigm available to the earliest Christians, it should inform any reading of New Testament texts and their varying depictions of Jesus as "Lord.

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David Wilhite is professor of historical theology at Baylor University's Truett Seminary.Adam Winn is professor and chair for the Department of Biblical and Religious Studies at Samford University.

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