The Coming Prince: The Marvelous Prophecy of Daniel's Seventy Weeks Concerning the Antichrist (Paperback)

The Coming Prince: The Marvelous Prophecy of Daniel's Seventy Weeks Concerning the Antichrist Cover Image
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Sir Robert Anderson's commentary on the Book of Daniel is his most famous and respected work of Biblical narrative. This edition contains the author's notes, his appendices and the chronological tables.
Anderson begins his investigation with a description of Daniel's era, wherein the Jewish peoples were pit against the Egyptian Pharaoh and other adversaries. The various prophetic visions and the sequence in which each occurred is established by Anderson, whose methodical and thorough inspection of the scripture ensures that readers arrive at an excellent understanding of the subject.
As one of the first policeman to ever apply his profession's methods to the Bible, Anderson takes us through the history of the scripture step by step. The various parts of the Book of Daniel, such as his vision by the River of Ulai, is cross-referenced with the New Testament. When this commentary was written at the end of the 19th century it was felt by some Biblical scholars that the Book of Daniel predicts the arrival of Jesus Christ. It is this futurist outlook that Anderson takes in his examination.
Although some readers are sure to disagree with the methods and explanations Anderson employs, there is no denying that the author held an impressive command of Biblical history. His intensive explanations of the scriptural topics as diverse as the Antichrist and the relationship between Daniel and the Book of Revelation, and his understanding of the era's history, attracted praise from theologians and readers alike.
A detective famous for his presence during the notorious case of Jack the Ripper, Sir Robert Anderson was a committed Christian who wrote many books pertaining to the Bible during his lifetime.

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