Scatter the Seed: Reviving Effective Disciple-Making in the Local Church (Paperback)

Scatter the Seed: Reviving Effective Disciple-Making in the Local Church By Kevin Freeman Cover Image
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From the moment of Christ's ascension, followers of Jesus have been given one key mission: make disciples.

However, in the twenty-first century, this mission often gets lost amid hectic calendars, the clutter of well-meaning ministry programs, and a bevy of congregational priorities. In fact, overspecialization within the church has resulted in separation between discipleship and evangelism. The problem? These two activities were designed to operate in concert to carry out the church's mission. According to author Kevin Freeman-a pastor who has worked in ministry for over twenty years-dividing discipleship and evangelism has limited conversions and produced shallower disciples.

In Scatter the Seed, Freeman explores how Christians can revive disciple-making in the modern church and orient themselves toward the mission Christ has called them to-a mission that can reignite the flame that many churches seem to have lost. Furthermore, Freeman explains how churches can continue on this path of disciple-making without getting sidetracked by activities that distract from the mission. With actionable steps captured in the memorable acronym DREAM-develop, recruit, evaluate, allocate, motivate-Scatter the Seed masterfully describes how to effectively pursue the Christian mission without once again becoming adrift.

Leveraging relatable language that will speak to the heart of any Christian, Freeman calls readers to foster transformational growth by returning to the simple process of sowing the seed of God's Word. If you are feeling the disconnect between the methods of Jesus and the methods of churches and are seeking to realign yourself with the mission Christ has called you to carry out, Scatter the Seed is a book you don't want to miss.

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ISBN: 9781962202633
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Publisher: Ballast Books
Publication Date: April 30th, 2024
Pages: 186
Language: English