Extraordinary Synergy (Paperback)

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This book is not generated from any Artificial Intelligence tools or platforms.The valuation model in this book is developed and configured by the author.The author wishes to apologize in advance for any syntax mistakes.
Have you been to Nike Flagship stores? You might think these significant investments were made based on careful financial calculations. Yes and No. They were actually made based on the financials and on the leaders' instinctive beliefs in their assessments. Quite interestingly, these decisions turned out to be right This book is not an academic textbook. It is a global sportswear market eye-opening read.
This book presents a groundbreaking valuation method, showcased through real-world case studies of Nike's flagship store investments worldwide. Dr. Gui's Synergistic Option Model (SOM) serves as a valuable complement to conventional valuation approaches by effectively quantifying the hidden synergistic value of strategic investments.
The SOM reveals that experienced leaders' decisions driven by gut feelings are often both strategic and financially viable in the long term, provided their instincts are accurate. By extending the renowned Black Scholes Option Pricing Model (BSOPM), the SOM allows for the quantification of leaders' gut feelings prior to making substantial investments. Developed using Nike's proprietary data in an unbiased manner, the SOM demonstrates its capability to provide precise forecasts for strategic financial decisions that were previously challenging to quantifyaccurately.

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Publication Date: March 20th, 2024
Pages: 200
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