Of Glitter and Gold (Paperback)

Of Glitter and Gold By G. T. Gretz, Misti Flick (Arranged by), Misti Flick (Editor) Cover Image
By G. T. Gretz, Misti Flick (Arranged by), Misti Flick (Editor)
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"I'm telling you, she doesn't remember. There's nothing there. Whatever Milo did to her was one hell of a miracle."

Waking in an unfamiliar room, Ash discovers she is in the care of Charon and a man she'd only ever seen in her visions, Callan. They promise to take care of her and help her recover her lost memories by whatever means necessary. Soon, Ash discovers not everything is as it seems. Everything she had and thought she knew is gone. Separated from her friends, and coming to terms with the biggest betrayal of her life, Ash has to figure out how to heal. With more and more jagged and torn memories fluttering to the surface, Ash has to battle her past and find a way to move forward toward a future she never expected. While wounds heal, scars merely fade, and Ash is not one to forgive and forget.

With nowhere else to turn, Ash and Callan embark on a journey to the city to unravel the mystery of what happened to her, who she is, and the fate of the entire world. However, there are no easy answers. The line between good and evil blurs as the golden shroud that kept her blind for years is pulled back and all is revealed...

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ISBN: 9781959881223
ISBN-10: 1959881221
Publisher: Flick-It-Books
Publication Date: October 26th, 2023
Pages: 604
Language: English