The Illustrated Guide to Audio Formats (Paperback)

The Illustrated Guide to Audio Formats By Ashley Blewer Cover Image
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The Illustrated Guide to Audio Formats is an easy-to-read exploration of thirty-six popular and forgotten audio formats.

This collection begins with the first recorded sound, the Phonautograph (invented in 1857), and concludes with the digital audio player.

In between, this book covers classics like vinyl records and compact cassettes, fan favorites like the 8-track and MiniDisc, commercial flops and successes, innovative and recycled technologies, and rare formats like the Micro Pack 35 and Sabamobil.

This guide contains 131 detailed illustrations featuring audio recording and playback devices, cassettes, cartridges, reels, and more.

Along with some basic details about each format, there are some fun facts about the history of recorded sound, the context in the larger media production ecosystem, and the how and why behind their inventions.

All illustrations and text are extra-large and printed in black-and-white, so the content of this book can double as posters or coloring pages

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ISBN: 9781958543023
ISBN-10: 1958543020
Publisher: Archives of Tomorrow
Publication Date: July 11th, 2023
Pages: 88
Language: English