Shattered Dreams and Broken Hearts: Depression, Suicide, Death, and the Pain It Leaves Behind (Hardcover)

Shattered Dreams and Broken Hearts: Depression, Suicide, Death, and the Pain It Leaves Behind By Linda J. Stilson Cover Image
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Shattered Dreams and Broken Hearts is a spiritual and inspirational guide for family survivors who have lost someone to suicide. Expressing .her grief throgh poetry, is not only therapeutic to the author, but can also be therapeutic to others suffering from similar losses. One can relate to the various stages of grief that one must go through in order to survive a horrible tragedy or senseless loss. One never knows when it is going to affect their family. It happens unexpectedly like an eagle swooping down for its kill.

"unanswered questions haunt us now,

Asking why, and knowing how?

What happened to our child that day?

To make them feel they had to die that way.

To end their life and break our heart.

The pain so deep we fall apart.

Others tell us that we should move on.

Easy for them who still have their daughter or son.

They have no idea of the pain of walking in our shoes.

Until they lose a child, they have no idea and have no clues.

There is no time table for our grief to end.

Better to offer their compassion and an ear to lend.

Than to tell us our child was selfish and unkind.

Or a coward, than one with a troubled mind.

Their pain was real and confused them so,

Their feelings were more like an an enemy or foe....

Exerpt from "Unanswered Questions Haunt Us Now

Experience the strength and sensitivity expressed in poetry while learning the signs to look for in someone contemplating suicide as a way to end their pain from overwhelming conditions or illness. Learn about support groups, websites available for survivors of suicide, and how to get help for those that are thinking they have no hope for the future.

Losing her husband to cancer and later losing her son, her only birth child, leaves no greater loss. Expressing grief through poetry, she reaches out to others providing comfort and promoting suicide awareness.

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