Resistance Band Exercises: 24 Stretching and Strength Training Workouts You Can Do at Home or On the Go to Build Muscle, Lose Weight and Improve (Paperback)

Resistance Band Exercises: 24 Stretching and Strength Training Workouts You Can Do at Home or On the Go to Build Muscle, Lose Weight and Improve By Teri Wheeler Cover Image
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Discover How to Enhance Your Muscles, Lose Weight and Stay Fit the RIGHT WAY
Do you wish to build your muscle mass and increase your strength?Do you wish to burn fat by following a workout plan without leaving your comfort zone?Are you willing to flip the page on your health to maintain overall body fitness?
If your answer is yes, then this book is all you need
Resistance bands have grown in popularity recently as a way to generate resistance to gain strength. This implies you can enjoy the effects of increased strength without having to devote hours lifting weights in the gym.
Resistance bands provide ease of usage at home or on the go and are portable and affordable, all of which are partly responsible for why they are very popular in the health and fitness space. Anyone can use resistance bands irrespective of their fitness levels since different bands offer different resistance levels (light, medium, or heavy), thereby engaging your muscles at different degrees of intensity.
Athletes and the average person can build strength with resistance bands, which is comparable to working out with dumbbells or weight machines. Even more so than weightlifting, resistance band exercises can enhance the stabilizing muscles. This muscle group is crucial because it protects us from injury and assists our major muscles and joints when in motion. Also, resistance bands are widely used for rehabilitative purposes since bolstering the body's major muscles can enhance movement and stability.
While resistance bands are mostly adopted by younger adults, senior citizens, on the other hand, can also take advantage of the benefits derived from using them at home, especially when they cannot easily access a gym. Resistance band exercises are not only risk-free for senior citizens, but they can also lower fragility.
At all levels, balance, flexibility, and body composition (reduced body fat and increased muscle) can all be improved with resistance bands; all of which are discussed in the pages of this book
Below are some of the highlights discussed in this book;
Types of resistance bands and their benefitsResistance band colors and the levels of resistance they provideGeneral safety precautions for resistance band exercisesWarm-ups exercises for resistance bandsWorkout routine you can adopt when exercisingWorkout sets and reps for each exerciseExercises for each muscle group, such as the legs, glutes, shoulders, chest, back, arms, core, etc.
...and so much more
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