Embracing Amazing: Consciously Growing an Empowered Family (Paperback)

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“Parenting is hard . . . the reality of parenting is that it is really hard. And let’s be honest, if we’re a parent, we do hard things. Creating a family is much more difficult than others seem to view it.”There is an easy solution for so many things these days. Issues with your car? Buy a new one! Issues with your job? Quit and get a new one! Issues with your phone? Change carriers! Raising a family brings with it issues. Issues that aren’t easily solved like the ones above. Raising a family of five was tough. We had ups and downs like any other family. However there were tools, strategies and lots of communication that enabled us to launch all three of our children into educational entrepreneurs just like us. We wanted to write this book as a way for your family to work through issues, questions and the growth of your children. The biggest lie that parents can believe is that they are all alone in the journey of empowering a family. We don’t want you to believe that so we encourage you to grow through learning, navigate through brokenness, empower resilience and embrace the village. Embracing Amazing highlights the author's fifty years of school counseling experience to help you with all the “HARD” that is coming your way as a parent. John and Deborah Lahman didn’t believe the lie that they were alone and neither should you. This book's is a great tool for you regardless of where you are on your parenthood journey.

About the Author

Deborah Plunkett Lahman was raised in a family of educators and independent business owners in Southwest Ohio. John Lahman grew up on a farm bolstered by an agri-business in Northern Illinois. Deborah and John both chose Manchester College in Indiana to pursue their bachelor’s degrees in Elementary Education/Physical Education and Health & Physical Education/Spanish, respectively. They were married in January 1975. After beginning their Indiana teaching careers, Deborah completed her Elementary Education Masters degree at Indiana University, while John earned his Masters in Secondary School Administration at Purdue University. When they moved to Arizona in 1988, they each pursued School Counselor Endorsements and shifted their public school endeavors from the classroom to Elementary and High School Counselor capacities. Deborah and John retired after 25 years of public education careers and are now pursuing other ventures. Deborah launched her essential oils business Living Well Now, which has a community reach of more than 10,000, and John moved his Lahman Financial Services business from part-time to full-time. As this book is released, their daughter Angela and son Aaron are primary partners with Deborah in Living Well Now while their son Andy is partnered with John in Lahman Financial Services. In combining their wellness and wealth passions, business owner knowledge and interpersonal counseling strategies, Deborah and John are enthusiastically mentoring others. They teach, empower, and equip communities to fulfill their goals of wellness, purpose and abundance.

Praise For…

"The Lahmans’ practice and share the habit of mindset intention. They model real life purpose that develops a generational legacy of healthy, emotionally equipped individuals who thrive in the world. This is why I know this book will build your family skills and strategies for effective communication to navigate life. These practiced experiences result in the development of a mindful family dynamic impacting generations to come. Their family models it."  —Connie Marie, Business Mentor, Speaker, Veteran Teacher, Healing Home Educator

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ISBN: 9781955090124
ISBN-10: 1955090122
Publisher: The Unapologetic Voice House LLC
Publication Date: May 17th, 2022
Pages: 190
Language: English