Kama Sutra for Couples: All the New Sex Positions Based on Modern Sex Life to Overcome Sex Anxiety in Your Relationship and Increase Your Inti (Paperback)

Kama Sutra for Couples: All the New Sex Positions Based on Modern Sex Life to Overcome Sex Anxiety in Your Relationship and Increase Your Inti Cover Image
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Sex and Sexual Connections can be challenging to define, but we will do our best. It is the way our body understands attraction and love without our minds being involved. When you are around someone, and you feel as if a shock runs through your body, it is our body's way of showing us there is chemistry. This occurs because of sexual intuition.

Intuition, in itself, is when we can understand something right away without our conscious playing any sort of role in it. These are our feelings of instinct. Intuition helps us know when we are in danger or in a place of safety. It helps clue us into the intention of the world around us.

The attraction we feel toward someone before we know anything about them is another right way to describe sexual chemistry. It's that magnetism that can simply not be ignored. Sometimes it can be quite overwhelming, while other times, it feels like a simple tug.

Many times, when sexual chemistry is high, it will feel as if you have no control over yourself. Your desire for that individual will overrule your head. It sweeps over people quickly and cannot be denied. It can happen from a look, a touch, or even their voice. You never know what the thing will be that shows you have great sexual chemistry with another person.

This book includes:

  • Info on Sex and Kamasutra
  • Insights on Sexual Understanding
  • All about Orgasm and How to Give a Mindblowing One
  • Tips on Masturbation and How to Make it Better
  • Most Exciting Positions for Him and Her
  • Best Standing and Oral Positions
  • How to Overcome Sexual Anxiety

...And so much more

Do you want to have more and more sexual pleasure for you and your woman, and wondering about lasting longer in bed with her? Have you tried to know the reason why your X-girl friends left you? Not all the time, but sometimes it's because of your weak sexual performance.

According to a researcher, it is proved that about 40% of breakups we based on this problem. And most of the time, your partners declare their decisions without saying or asking anything. So, don't you ever ignore the problem because it's a matter of your life, and just because of this small issue, do not let your loving partners go away from you?

Because it's tough to find a partner who fulfills every desire of yours, and nothing could be able to replace this type of loss.

Start with the natural sex positions as you work your way up through intermediate ones and, eventually, the advanced ranks. A significant first step in making sexual stimulation should be through seduction, which expresses your swish to make sexual advances. Keep in mind that it can be hard to circumvent a partner who is unwilling to try out new sex positions or explore additional sex variants.

Anyways I can go on and on talking about Sex and Kamasutra, but it is best if you learn for yourself by buying this book. Learn with us so that we can help you with making your sex life spicier. So, why don't we get started? Press the buy now button and find out

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