Bohemia, Heaven's Forge (Hardcover)

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Bohemia, Heaven's Forge uses the fabulous artistry of comic book style are to communicate the harsh realities of the Reformation in Central Europe.

At the heart of the Reformation were Wycliff, Zvingli, Luther, and, in Central Europe - Hus. His

teaching of a return to basic Biblical principles caused a violent reaction from the Vatican,

resulting in the Pope sending Catholic armies into Moravia to put down what they considered a

rebellion against the Church.

Jan Hus, like the other reformers was a priest who faced the possibility of death for his Biblical

beliefs. The return to basic Biblical teaching raced through Moravia as the people recognized

the oppression of the Catholic Church's deviations from the Bible, and as they trusted God's

protection against the attacks that would surely come.

Jan Zhizhka, a one-eyed general, organized and led an army to protect the believers from the

murderous threats of the Pope's armies. His successful tactics allowed time for Hus' followers

to create cities of Refuge, and protect themselves as a righteous remnant. Those tactics would

be copied in a later generation by armor commanders Rommel and Patton.

This book tells of the heroic lives of these two men, whose actions allowed present day

Christians to reap the harvest of the Reformation - freedom to practice Christianity as intended

by God's Word.

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ISBN: 9781953935106
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Publication Date: June 1st, 2021
Pages: 48
Language: English