Sirtfood Diet Cookbook: The Comprehensive Guide to lose Rapid Weight, Burn Fat, and Transform your Lifestyle (Hardcover)

Sirtfood Diet Cookbook: The Comprehensive Guide to lose Rapid Weight, Burn Fat, and Transform your Lifestyle By Jenson Jamsen Cover Image
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Are you tired of the usual diets? Would you like to boost your energy and start living a healthy and productive lifestyle? Do you still think that you do not have perfect genetics, and there is nothing that can help you lose weight in a way that is both effective in the short term and sustainable over time?

A new diet has arrived and taken the fitness world by storm - the Sirtfood Diet

The real breakthrough for this diet came when researchers discovered the benefits of fasting that come from the activation of the skinny gene, influencing many beneficial changes in the body. During this process, fat storage is stopped, and all that the body does is to halt its normal body process and then switch into a survival mode. Fat burning is then regulated, cell repair and rejuvenation come into play.

"Sirtfood Diet", Will teach you one of the most recent discoveries in the world of health, science, and fitness. A lifestyle that will help you lose weight naturally and achieve your fitness goals effortlessly by activating something we already have inside us. A gene that turns our body into a fat-burning machine without losing energy or muscle in the process.

This ultimate guide on the Sirtfood Diet is all you need to start losing weight rapidly and permanently

In this book you will find:

 How to turn the skinny gene on and off: you will learn why some people are skinny despite the way they eat

 It presents the Sirtfood Diet in details and explains how to modify it to fit your needs

 It provides an extensive shopping list, to help you get started

 It describes the two phases of the diet and helps you prepare for them

 It offers delicious recipes for every meal of the day

 It will stop you from making common mistakes that might hinder your weight loss

 And you get much, much more

Now you have the opportunity to improve your health, and get rid of those extra pounds in a matter of weeks

So don't wait, scroll up, click on "Buy Now" and Start Living a Lifestyle You Truly Want And Need

Product Details
ISBN: 9781952832406
ISBN-10: 1952832403
Publisher: Jenson Jamsen
Publication Date: April 1st, 2020
Pages: 118
Language: English